Jailbreaking the Degree

Jailbreaking the degree

Degreed was born to be the world’s first lifelong learning platform to track, discover, and recognize all learning. Their mission is to help people unlock their dreams by jailbreaking the degree and focusing on measuring an individual’s lifelong learning and expertise. Clients include but are not limited to some of the largest Fortune 500 companies including Bank of America, Tesla, MasterCard, Xerox Services, and Caterpillar.

”The future doesn’t care how you became an expert. We have built the only universal way for everyone to measure all learning and pursue skills and knowledge from all avenues. It’s changing the way companies think about learning and development.”

Founded in 2012, Degreed offers information specific to the user. Individuals can view courses, training, professional certificates, conferences, and articles form over 1,200 providers and then quantify and organize their lifelong education, from any source- formal and informal. In 2015, Degreed won the Gold Award from  Brandon Hall Group for Best Advance in Learning Management Technology. The next year they received the 2016 Silver Award from the Learning and Performance Institute for Learning Provider of the Year.