William Adler

CEO, True Fit
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Convergence of Fashion and Tech

A well-fitting pair of jeans is a hard find. A third-generation leader in the apparel industry is an anomaly. Perhaps this fashionable lineage is why Bill Adler, Founding CEO of True Fit, has been able to successfully raise over $30M in venture capital from top tier investors and establish the True Fit brand as the world’s largest collection of footwear, apparel, and related consumer data. Through thousands of partnerships with the world’s leading global brands and retailers, True Fit is the worldwide platform for discovering shoes and clothing with confidence.

“Fashion is form of self expression and successfully connecting you in a digital environment to the right piece of clothing is more than just data points on your physical body.”

Adler holds over 20 years of leadership experience as well as an excellent track record of building global brands in the apparel, software, and service industries.