The joy of helpful expertise.

Experticity is building the world’s largest community of influential experts and empowering them to drive retail sales and create premier buying experiences through its expert knowledge platform,, and its expert incentive platform, Experticity’s on-demand and performance-based products enable brands and retailers to educate, deliver incentives and foster firsthand product experience to credible, category-specific experts, as well as collect important insights and analyze their effectiveness.

The company was founded in Salt Lake City, UT in 2005 with the goal of bringing together innovative brands and retailers seeking to engage their most influential product users and sales associates through education and product seeding. By fostering long-term, high-value relationships, brands see better results, retailers improve performance, experts are rewarded for their knowledge and consumers have better buying experiences. Experticity currently works with over 600 brands, 65,000 retail locations and nearly 1.5 million influential experts.

“We help hundreds of top brands find the experts who sell their products every day. How? Because those experts that know more, sell more.”